Are There New Housing Developments In Jupiter FL?

Are There New Housing Developments In Jupiter FL?

Finding a new home can be tough. In Jupiter, FL, there are 60 fresh housing places to explore. This article highlights communities where you can find a house that fits your needs. Keep reading and discover your future home!

Key Takeaways

  • Jupiter, FL is home to 60 new housing communities with a variety of options including Westlake, Bridgewater, and Loxahatchee Club.
  • New homes in Jupiter offer modern amenities like swimming pools, luxury finishes, and spacious living areas.
  • Innovative developments near Jupiter include Artistry Palm Beach and Alton with upscale townhomes and oceanfront properties.
  • The market overview for new construction in Jupiter shows a vibrant real estate scene with detailed community information available for buyers.

Overview of New Home Communities in Jupiter, FL

Discover the latest housing developments in Jupiter, FL. Explore new communities such as Westlake, Bridgewater, Loxahatchee Club, Tequesta, and Villa Franca Homes.


Westlake shines as a fresh addition to Jupiter, FL’s neighborhood map. Minto Communities builds it, offering a variety of homes. Buyers can pick from single-family houses, custom estates, lavish residences, condos, and prefabricated homes.

Each option promises modern living spaces with up-to-date features.

This area boasts floor plans catering to different tastes and needs. Real estate agents find Westlake appealing because of its location and the range of housing options available. For those looking into new construction homes in Palm Beach County, Westlake stands out with its beautifully designed properties within a planned unit development setting.


Moving from Westlake to Bridgewater offers a peek into another exciting community. Bridgewater shines with a brand new 2023 custom home. This home sprawls over .87 acres, offering plenty of space for outdoor fun or gardening.

Inside, you find 3,796 square feet of living area designed for comfort and style. Living here means enjoying spacious rooms and luxury touches in every corner.

This Jupiter FL neighborhood sets the bar high for upmarket homes. Residents enjoy privacy on their large lots while still being close to all Jupiter has to offer. From shopping centers to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, everything is just a short drive away.

The home’s design focuses on creating airy spaces where natural light floods in, highlighting elegant finishes throughout. Whether it’s hosting friends or finding your quiet spot, Bridgewater offers that luxury lifestyle many dream of.

Loxahatchee Club

Loxahatchee Club brings luxury homes to Jupiter, FL. Builders are focused on creating spaces where comfort meets elegance. Each home features modern designs with top-notch amenities such as en-suite bathrooms and gourmet kitchens.

The community aims to offer a high standard of living within a welcoming environment.

Homes here are under construction and range in price, catering to various budgets while maintaining quality. With Kolter Homes leading many projects, future residents can expect excellence in every detail.

This area is becoming a hotspot for those looking for new home communities that promise a blend of leisure and luxury living.

Luxury lives in the finer details.


Tequesta, FL is seeing new houses pop up. The average cost for a home here hits $829,900. With 60 new residential areas in and around Tequesta, choices abound. Buyers find options from cozy bungalows to spacious villas that fit different lifestyles and budgets.

Builders like Digital Experience, LLC are part of the action, bringing fresh designs to life.

These homes often come with modern perks such as private baths attached to bedrooms and stylish kitchen sinks. Families looking into Tequesta have many exciting communities to consider for their next move.

Moving on from Tequesta takes us to Villa Franca Homes where more housing opportunities await.

Villa Franca Homes.

Villa Franca Homes adds charm to the new home communities in Jupiter, FL. It presents a range of homes designed for modern living, with prices starting from $900,000. The community is equipped with luxurious amenities and offers various floor plans to suit different lifestyles.

Innovative Developments near Jupiter, FL

Discover new cutting-edge developments near Jupiter, FL. These innovative projects redefine modern living in this vibrant area.

Artistry Palm Beach

Artistry Palm Beach offers luxury homes with oceanfront swimming pools, fitness centers, and concierge services. The community features new upscale townhomes with designer finishes for sale.

Homes offer spacious living spaces ranging from 1,868 to 10,579 square feet and modern architectural marvels with unobstructed access to the Intracoastal Waterway. Onshore Construction and Decorators Unlimited are involved in ongoing construction projects for new luxury homes in the Jupiter, FL area.


Alton features new housing developments and mixed-use projects with modern amenities such as swimming pools, impact windows and doors, high ceilings, and luxury finishes. It offers access to outdoor activities, beaches, shopping, and dining options in Jupiter, FL.

The developments include medical office buildings, residential units, restaurants, and office buildings targeting affluent buyers.

The Reserve at Tequesta

The Reserve at Tequesta offers modern luxury homes with spacious living areas and upscale amenities. It features diverse architectural styles, catering to a range of homebuyers looking for upscale living options near Jupiter, FL.

The development includes newly constructed homes with long views of the Admirals Cove Course and unobstructed access to the Intracoastal Waterway. Additionally, it is part of the 60 new home communities listed in Jupiter, FL and nearby areas.

The Reserve at Tequesta stands out as one of the prominent new construction sites offering an upscale living experience in Jupiter, FL.


Highpointe is an innovative development near Jupiter, FL. It stands out with its upscale and luxury nature, targeting affluent buyers looking for high-end waterfront properties. The community emphasizes coastal living and outdoor activities, offering modern amenities like swimming pools, impact windows and doors, high ceilings, and luxurious finishes.

Highpointe caters to those seeking a lavish lifestyle in a picturesque location.

Avondale at Avenir

Avondale at Avenir, part of the Avenir master-planned community, offers a variety of floor plans and amenities. It is associated with builders and developers focused on creating contemporary and sustainable living spaces.

Located in close proximity to Jupiter, FL, it provides new construction homes for buyers seeking modern residences, with convenient access to the city’s amenities and attractions.

Prominent New Construction Homes in Jupiter, FL

Check out the top new homes in Jupiter, FL. They offer impressive features and modern designs for comfortable living.


The Oakley brand brings modern amenities to new construction homes in Jupiter, FL. Properties featuring Oakley construction offer luxury finishes, impact windows and doors, high ceilings, and swimming pools.


Aventura, located in Jupiter, FL, offers modern and sophisticated living. This new construction home community is developed by an array of reputable builders. Aventura boasts a range of housing options to suit diverse lifestyle needs.

With access to amenities such as pools, fitness facilities, and outdoor spaces, Aventura provides the ideal setting for families and individuals alike looking for luxury living at its best.

Moving on from “Aventura,” let’s explore “Madeira” – another prominent new construction homes project in Jupiter, FL.


Madeira presents new construction homes with top-notch amenities such as swimming pools, impact windows and doors, high ceilings, luxury finishes, and custom fire pits. Some properties in Madeira are located in gated communities boasting features like golf courses and 24-hour secured gates.

Additionally, Madeira offers convenient access to outdoor activities, beaches, shopping spots, and dining options in Jupiter, FL.

The housing community of Madeira provides buyers with modern conveniences and a range of leisure activities all within easy reach. From luxury finishes to secure gated communities offering various amenities including golf courses – there’s something for everyone.


Livingston offers a range of upscale townhomes and luxury estates in the new construction homes market in Jupiter, FL. This prominent neighborhood is sought after by buyers looking for high-end properties.

Livingston provides an ideal location for those seeking premium real estate options near popular neighborhoods such as Jonathan’s Landing, The Bluffs, Admirals Cove, and Palm Beach Country Estates.

Embrace the luxurious lifestyle that Livingston has to offer within this thriving community.

Prominent New Construction Homes in Jupiter:

– Oakley

Major Housing Projects in Jupiter

Jupiter features several significant housing projects, including 408 Center Street – Alice Kitching Benton House and Sea Glass. To discover more about these exciting developments, continue reading our blog.

408 Center Street – Alice Kitching Benton House

408 Center Street – Alice Kitching Benton House is a significant housing project in Jupiter, Florida. The property features a historically rich and architecturally distinguished home that has been meticulously maintained.

This exceptional house offers 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, with an open floor plan and contemporary finishes, making it a coveted residence for those seeking luxury living in the heart of Jupiter.

The Alice Kitching Benton House stands as a remarkable piece of history with its tailored design and historical significance. The property boasts lush landscaping offering privacy and tranquility.

1352 S US Highway 1 (FKA Cabo Flats)

Located at 1352 S US Highway 1, formerly known as Cabo Flats, the site is an integral part of major housing projects in Jupiter, Florida. The new upscale developments here offer townhomes and luxury homes for sale.

Sea Glass

Sea Glass in Jupiter, FL is a planned development with 23 multi-family residential units. It has been granted a development order for a mixed-use development with residential units, expanding the housing options in Jupiter, FL.

Sea Glass reflects the ongoing innovation and variety in new construction projects within the area.

Next, let’s delve into the innovative developments near Jupiter, FL.

Abacoa Chabad

Connecting the innovative developments near Jupiter, FL to major housing projects, Abacoa Chabad is a significant residential project in the area. It is associated with the construction of a religious facility and day care center, currently under development as part of new housing developments in Jupiter, FL.

This site plan amendment for Abacoa Chabad represents an important addition to the growing real estate landscape in Jupiter, demonstrating the diversification and expansion within this vibrant community.

The construction of this religious facility and day care project further enriches the overall offerings available to residents within this thriving neighborhood.

Abacoa Town Center Apartments

The Abacoa Town Center Apartments stand as a significant part of the major housing projects in Jupiter, FL. These modern apartments offer a convenient and vibrant living experience amidst the bustling town center.

Residents benefit from close proximity to various amenities, including shopping, dining, and entertainment options within walking distance. The apartments boast contemporary designs and are strategically located for easy access to all that Jupiter has to offer.

These factors combined make the Abacoa Town Center Apartments an attractive option for those seeking a dynamic urban lifestyle with all necessities at their fingertips.

Market Overview: New Construction in Jupiter, FL

Here’s the output based on the instructions:

Market overview of new construction in Jupiter, FL reveals a thriving real estate landscape with 60 new home communities. Builders digital experience, llc provides detailed information about individual communities and their amenities, offering options to include or exclude active adult (55+) communities from the search.

The price range, floor plans, and contact details for builders like Minto Communities and Kolter Homes are readily available for interested buyers. Additionally, specific housing projects such as Bridgewater and Westlake are highlighted, showcasing their locations and available floor plans.

The market overview also offers a step-by-step guide for users to filter their search based on specific criteria like price range, bed/bath options, move-in dates, and school districts.

With an emphasis on clear and simple terms, the article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving real estate market in Jupiter.


Discovering New Housing in Jupiter, FL is Exciting!

With over 60 new home communities and innovative developments, Jupiter, FL offers diverse options for those seeking a new place to call home. From the stunning Bridgewater community to the luxurious Loxahatchee Club, there are outstanding choices available.

With an emphasis on providing comprehensive details about builders and their projects, this article aims to empower prospective homeowners in navigating the complexities of finding their dream home in Jupiter.

So buckle up for an exciting journey towards discovering your ideal housing in this ever-evolving realm! Start exploring the vibrant world of new construction homes and let’s delve into uncovering your perfect match amidst these robust offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Real Estate Developments in Jupiter FL

1. What are new housing developments in Jupiter FL?

New housing developments in Jupiter FL offer homes with modern features like en suite bathrooms and access to local amenities, thanks to recent rezoning efforts.

2. How can I find listings for these new homes?

You can find listings for new homes in Jupiter FL on multiple listing services (MLSs) or by contacting a broker who specializes in the area like Jupiter Realtor Christina Boswell.

3. Do these new developments have houses with special features?

Yes, many of the houses in these new developments come with special features such as en suite bathrooms that provide private spaces attached to bedrooms.

4. Why are there more new housing developments now?

Recent rezoning has allowed for more land to be used for residential purposes, leading to an increase in the number of new housing developments available for people looking to move to Jupiter FL.