Notable annual events and festivals in and around Jupiter FL?

Notable annual events and festivals in and around Jupiter FL?

Looking for something fun in Jupiter, FL? You’re not alone. This town bursts with events and festivals every year. From food and wine tastings to art and music blasts, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to mark your calendar!

Key Takeaways

  • Jupiter, FL, buzzes with events all year, like the Friends of Jupiter Beach Food and Wine Festival at Riverwalk Events Plaza. This event draws foodies and wine lovers together to eat well and help keep beaches clean.
  • The town celebrates culture with festivals such as the 4th Annual Juneteenth: Unity x Black Excellence Festival, showcasing achievements by the black community through music, food, art, and workshops.
  • Car enthusiasts look forward to the Palm Beach Car Swap Meets and Car Show at South Florida Fairgrounds. It’s a big deal for people who love classic cars and muscle cars.
  • Families enjoy summer fun at FAMILY FUN DAY: Summer Kickoff Blast with activities for all ages. It’s a great way to start summer off right in Jupiter.
  • The Best of Jupiter’s BBQ & Hot Sauce Festival Series offers spicy treats for BBQ fans. This event is perfect for those who love tasting different hot sauces and barbecues.

Jupiter’s Premier Annual Festivals

Jupiter hosts several premier annual festivals drawing in large crowds every year. These events feature a range of activities, from food and wine tastings to music, cultural celebrations, and car shows.

Friends of Jupiter Beach Food and Wine Festival

The Friends of Jupiter Beach Food and Wine Festival brings together food lovers and wine enthusiasts at the Riverwalk Events Plaza. This event showcases a variety of culinary delights paired with fine wines.

People come from far to enjoy this unique taste experience by the beachside setting.

This festival stands out as part of Jupiter’s premier annual events, attracting large crowds each year. Guests get to explore an array of dishes and wine selections while helping to protect the environment.

It plays a vital role in highlighting the importance of keeping our beaches clean, making it more than just a day for indulging in great food and drink.

Dance. All. Day. Fest

Dance. All. Day. Fest lights up Jupiter with music and moves from sunrise to sunset. People of all ages come together to enjoy a day filled with dance, workshops, and live performances by talented artists.

This festival is unique because it celebrates the joy of dance in an open and welcoming environment.

Visitors can learn new dance styles at workshops led by expert instructors during the festival. From hip hop to salsa, there’s something for everyone who loves to move and groove. Local DJs keep the energy high, playing beats that make you want to dance all day long.

Food vendors offer delicious snacks and drinks to keep dancers fueled up for fun.

4th Annual Juneteenth: Unity x Black Excellence Festival

Moving from the vibrant energy of dance to a celebration of culture and community, Jupiter welcomes the 4th Annual Juneteenth: Unity x Black Excellence Festival. This special event shines a light on unity and black excellence.

Attendees will experience live music that moves the soul, taste delicious food from local vendors, and view beautiful art displays. Activities for families add fun for all ages.

The festival is more than an event; it’s a showcase of the achievements and contributions of the black community in Wellington and beyond. It promises entertainment that educates with performances that tell stories, workshops that inspire, and exhibits that honor a rich history.

Networking opportunities let people connect in meaningful ways.” This day celebrates excellence while bringing our community closer together.

Palm Beach Car Swap Meets and Car Show

The Palm Beach Car Swap Meets and Car Show takes place at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Here, car fans gather to see a big collection of classic cars, muscle cars, and more. Visitors can buy, sell, or trade car parts and accessories.

The event is full of activities like live music and food stands.

Car enthusiasts from Jupiter and beyond look forward to this annual expo. It’s a chance for them to show off their unique vehicles. People who love cars will not want to miss it.

They come here to enjoy the community, find rare car items, and celebrate automotive culture together.

The Best of Jupiter’s BBQ & Hot Sauce Festival Series

After exploring vintage cars at the Palm Beach Car Swap Meets and Car Show, get your taste buds ready for The Best of Jupiter’s BBQ & Hot Sauce Festival Series. This highly anticipated event offers a variety of BBQ and hot sauce vendors showcasing their products.

Whether you’re a BBQ fanatic or a hot sauce enthusiast, this festival series provides an excellent opportunity to sample and purchase unique and flavorful products. Get ready to experience a sizzling celebration of barbecue and spicy goodness right here in Jupiter.

The festival is known for its diverse range of BBQ and hot sauce offerings, creating an exciting environment for those who appreciate fiery flavors. It has become a must-visit event within the culinary realm in Jupiter, drawing in both locals and visitors alike with its tantalizing array of products on display.

Signature Events in Jupiter

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Jupiter’s most anticipated events, including the exhilarating FAMILY FUN DAY: Summer Kickoff Blast and the electrifying 2024 Palm Beach Ribs, Wings & Rock Festival.

FAMILY FUN DAY: Summer Kickoff Blast

Jupiter’s FAMILY FUN DAY: Summer Kickoff Blast is a renowned annual event happening on June 1 at 1649 W 29th St. This event marks the beginning of summer with a bang, offering an array of activities for families to enjoy.

From live music to food vendors and entertainment, there’s something here for everyone. It truly showcases the vibrant culture and spirit of Jupiter, Florida, making it an ideal day out for families looking to kick off their summer with excitement.

The event aims to provide an enjoyable experience while also promoting unity within the community through its range of family-friendly activities. With live music, various entertainers, and local food vendors, this celebration promises a fun-filled day that captures the essence of summer in Jupiter without being overwhelming or excluding any age group.

2024 Palm Beach Ribs, Wings & Rock Festival

The 2024 Palm Beach Ribs, Wings & Rock Festival is set to take place at the Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Notably, this festival will showcase the Seger Experience at the same venue.

Pride on the Block 2024 Celebration

Pride on the Block 2024 Celebration is a prominent annual event in Jupiter, FL, representing the inclusive nature of the community. This signature event is set to take place on June 1, 2024, at 500 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL.

The celebration aims to showcase the welcoming spirit and diverse culture of Jupiter through a series of engaging activities and performances.

Attendees can look forward to experiencing this vibrant event that underscores unity and diversity within the community. The Pride on the Block 2024 Celebration serves as an embodiment of Jupiter’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and cultural appreciation among its residents and visitors alike.

Seger Experience at the Palm Beach Ribs, Wings & Rock Festival

The 2024 Palm Beach Ribs, Wings & Rock Festival presented the Seger Experience at the Expo Center in the South Florida Fairgrounds. This event showcased more than just music; it also featured the Palm Beach Car Swap Meets and Car Show along with the Rock Your Taste Buds & Jam Out affair.

The Seger Experience rocked its performance at the festival held at the Expo Center, providing a thrilling addition to an already exciting lineup of events including car displays and a food extravaganza.

Cultural Celebrations in Jupiter

Jupiter hosts a variety of cultural celebrations including the Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Festival and the Jupiter’s Maifest Celebration. To discover more, read on!

Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Festival

The Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Festival is an annual event held at the Wellington Amphitheater in Jupiter, Florida. The festival celebrates Jamaican independence and culture, showcasing diverse heritage within the community.

Attendees can enjoy traditional Jamaican music and dance performances, along with a variety of food vendors offering authentic Jamaican cuisine. This festival serves as a significant cultural celebration in Jupiter, providing an opportunity for both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and customs of Jamaican culture.

16th Annual West Palm Seafood Festival

Moving on from the lively cultural celebration of the Palm Beach Jamaica Independence Festival, we transition to the 16th Annual West Palm Seafood Festival. Held at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida, this festival is a vibrant and long-standing tradition.

Guests can expect an assortment of delectable seafood offerings, live music performances, and a myriad of family-friendly activities. This annual event captures the essence of Jupiter’s rich coastal heritage and attracts both locals and visitors alike.

The 16th Annual West Palm Seafood Festival is renowned for its diverse selection of freshly prepared seafood dishes that showcase the region’s culinary expertise. From succulent crab cakes to flavorful shrimp scampi, attendees can savor an array of mouthwatering delights while enjoying entertainment from local musicians.

Jupiter’s Maifest Celebration

Continuing the vibrant cultural celebrations in Jupiter, Florida, the Maifest Celebration stands out as a lively and spirited event. This annual festival brings together the community to commemorate German tradition with an array of authentic food, live music, traditional folk dancing, and beer from local breweries.

The event takes place at various locations around Jupiter and aims to honor the rich heritage of German immigrants who have contributed significantly to the region’s development.

The Maifest Celebration provides an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in a jubilant atmosphere while savoring delectable cuisine and experiencing captivating performances.

Recreational Activities and Boat Tours in Jupiter

Looking for some fun in Jupiter? How about a historic and celebrity boat tour around Jupiter Island or a sunset river boat cruise? Both activities offer an enjoyable way to explore the area’s beautiful waterways.

Historic & Celebrity Boat Tour around Jupiter Island

Jupiter Boat Tours offers the popular Jupiter Island Narrated Historic & Celebrity Boat Tour. Reservations are required for the boat tours, and private tours are available for groups of four or more.

Explore Jupiter Island’s rich history and catch a glimpse of celebrity homes as you cruise along on this narrated boat tour.

Discover a unique perspective of Jupiter’s beauty while enjoying fascinating insights into the island’s heritage and notable residents.

Sunset River Boat Cruise in Jupiter

The Sunset River Boat Cruise in Jupiter offers an exciting recreational experience along the waterways of Jupiter, Florida. It is a top-rated boat tour that departs from Guanabanas Restaurant in Jupiter and the Riviera Beach Marina in West Palm Beach.

This cruise provides a unique way to explore the scenic beauty of the area while enjoying a relaxing and memorable time on the water. With its association with various notable annual events and festivals, this cruise adds an extra layer of enjoyment to visitors looking for engaging experiences during their time in Jupiter.

The Sunset River Boat Cruise, located at Guanabanas Restaurant and Riviera Beach Marina, provides visitors with an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Jupiter through guided tours along its picturesque waterways.

Whether it’s for tourists or locals seeking new adventures, this boat cruise promises a remarkable journey filled with captivating sights and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of stunning sunset views.

Jupiter Sandbar Swim & Cruise Adventure

Discover the ultimate aquatic adventure with the Jupiter Sandbar Swim & Cruise. Experience an exhilarating cruise along Jupiter’s scenic waterways before reaching the famous sandbar.

Wade into crystal-clear waters and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or simply basking in the sun on this natural phenomenon. Tailored for both families and thrill-seekers, it’s a must-do while in Jupiter.

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Jupiter FL hosts a diverse range of annual events and festivals covering food, music, art, and outdoor activities. These festivities offer something for everyone, from Italian heritage celebrations to wildlife conservation efforts.

Whether it’s enjoying a boat tour or participating in a community event, there are endless opportunities for fun and enrichment. These gatherings not only foster community engagement but also showcase the natural beauty of Jupiter.

With so much to offer, these events truly embody the vibrant spirit of this coastal town.


1. What is the Palm Beach International Boat Show?

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is a big event where people can see many boats, learn about boating, and enjoy activities related to the sea.

2. Are there any events in Jupiter FL that focus on protecting the environment?

Yes, some events organized by the Bureau of Land Management focus on teaching people how to take care of nature and protect the environment.

3. Can families go to these festivals and events?

Absolutely! Many festivals and events in Jupiter FL are made for families to have fun together while learning new things.

4. Do these annual events happen all year round?

Most notable annual events and festivals in Jupiter FL have specific times during the year when they happen, so it’s good to check their schedules ahead of time.