Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Jupiter FL

Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Jupiter FL

Looking for luxury in Jupiter, FL? You’re not alone! The town boasts some of the most lavish neighborhoods with stunning homes and amenities. From upscale golf communities to waterfront enclaves, we’ve got the inside scoop on where opulence meets coastal living.

Dive into our list of Jupiter’s priciest spots – your dream home might just be a scroll away!

Overview of Jupiter, FL

Dreaming of luxury living in sunny Florida? Jupiter, FL is a treasure trove of some of the most lavish neighborhoods. This article unveils where opulent real estate and upscale lifestyles meet along the coast.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Jupiter

All of these neighborhoods offer luxurious living with stunning views and top-notch amenities. From waterfront properties to gated communities, these neighborhoods are the epitome of upscale living in Jupiter.

Bears Club

Bears Club stands out as Jupiter’s most exclusive neighborhood. Homes here have a median price of $7,504,435. Renting is also high-end, with a median rate of $3,501. This gated community offers privacy and luxury to its residents.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus designed the Bears Club golf course. Residents enjoy world-class amenities including a 40,000-square-foot clubhouse. The area attracts the wealthy looking for top-tier living in Palm Beach County.

Jupiter Yacht Club

Jupiter Yacht Club shines as a beacon of luxury living in Jupiter, FL. Nestled among the opulent communities, this exclusive enclave boasts homes with an average price tag of $2,949,082.

The allure goes beyond just the stunning residences; every inch of space is premium here, with property values soaring to $1,177 per square foot.

Residents enjoy more than just magnificent homes; they embrace a lifestyle that includes sparkling waterways and private docks. This prestigious neighborhood caters to those who appreciate finer things and have a passion for yachting.

With only 78 lucky individuals calling it home, the Jupiter Yacht Club offers privacy and exclusivity unmatched in most communities.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton stands out as a beacon of luxury in Jupiter, Florida. Homes here sell for an average price of $4,303,781. Renting isn’t cheap either; expect to pay around $3,501 monthly.

This neighborhood wraps residents in elegance and top-tier comforts that are hard to match. Living at Ritz Carlton means having access to the finest amenities along with a name that echoes prestige.

Next up is Admiral’s Cove, another high-end community boasting a wealth of upscale features.

Admiral’s Cove

Moving on from the exclusive enclave of Ritz Carlton, we come to Admiral’s Cove, known for its median home price of $1.5 million and prestigious country clubs. The waterfront community offers luxury homes and a private yacht club with state-of-the-art marinas and private docks for boaters.

This luxurious golf community not only boasts a variety of housing options such as quaint cottages, modern condos, and waterfront patio homes but also features excellent dining options that cater to the affluent lifestyle it embodies.

Jupiter Harbour

Jupiter Harbour ranks as the fifth priciest neighborhood in Jupiter, FL, with a median home price of $1,701,472 and a median rent of $1,857. The neighborhood is home to 68 residents and commands a high median home price per square foot of $692.

Now let’s delve into the notable features of these exclusive neighborhoods!

Riverside on Loxahatchee

Moving on from Jupiter Harbour, Riverside on Loxahatchee is the sixth most expensive neighborhood in Jupiter, FL. With a median home price of $775,299 and a population of 14,754, it offers luxury homes and an enviable location.

The median rent in this upscale neighborhood stands at $1,785 with a high median home price per square foot of $635.

Riverside on Loxahatchee boasts luxurious homes attracting those who seek an affluent lifestyle and desire to live in a prime location within Jupiter.

Jupiter Bay

Jupiter Bay ranks as the seventh most expensive neighborhood in Jupiter, FL, with a median home price of $512,473 and median rent of $2,153. This scenic area has a population of 121 and offers homes at a median price per square foot of $615.

Jupiter Bay is renowned for its luxurious yet relaxed lifestyle, making it an attractive choice for those seeking upscale living near the coast.

The neighborhood boasts stunning waterfront views and easy access to various amenities like fine dining restaurants and leisure facilities. With its lush surroundings and high-end properties, Jupiter Bay epitomizes exclusive coastal living in one of Florida’s most sought-after locations.

Jonathan’s Landing

Jonathan’s Landing in Jupiter, FL ranks as the eighth most expensive neighborhood with a median home price of $1,424,034 and median rent at $3,286. This exclusive area is home to 966 residents and boasts a median home price per square foot of $613.

Known for its luxury amenities and exclusivity, Jonathan’s Landing offers an upscale living experience in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Jupiter.

The Bluffs

The Bluffs ranks as one of Jupiter, FL’s most expensive neighborhoods with a notably high median list price for homes. This waterfront community provides a unique living experience and is renowned for its family-friendly environment and range of amenities.

With a high cost of living, The Bluffs stands out due to its relatively high average price per square foot.

Located in the heart of Jupiter, The Bluffs offers an exceptional lifestyle marked by luxurious residences and stunning waterfront views. Amidst lush greenery and top-tier facilities, residents here enjoy an enviable standard of living.

Jupiter Ocean Racquet Club

Jupiter Ocean Racquet Club ranks as the tenth most expensive neighborhood in Jupiter, with a median home price of $755,401 and a median rent of $1,978. The neighborhood is inhabited by 11,712 residents and boasts a median home price per square foot of $478.

Jupiter Ocean Racquet Club offers an upscale living experience for those willing to invest in its luxurious real estate offerings.

Review of Notable Features in these Expensive Neighborhoods

Review of Notable Features in these Expensive Neighborhoods

Bears Club stands out with its exclusive golf course and luxurious spa, offering a haven for those seeking an upscale lifestyle. In Jupiter Yacht Club, residents enjoy the convenience of private boat docks and proximity to fine dining and entertainment.

Ritz Carlton impresses with its world-class amenities, including oceanfront residences and access to a prestigious beach club. Admiral’s Cove boasts a marina accommodating large yachts, championship golf courses, and seven distinct restaurants.

The family-friendly community at Jupiter Harbour provides picturesque waterfront views and easy access to boating and water activities. Riverside on Loxahatchee appeals to nature enthusiasts through its serene riverfront homes surrounded by lush greenery.

The Bluffs offers diverse real estate options from condos to single-family homes along with tennis courts, swimming pools, and scenic walking trails while Jupiter Ocean Racquet Club is known for its Mediterranean-inspired architecture and vibrant social scene.

The Impact of these Neighborhoods on Jupiter’s Real Estate Market

The presence of high-end neighborhoods like Bears Club and Admiral’s Cove significantly elevates Jupiter’s real estate market. Properties in these areas command premium prices, influencing the overall average property value in Jupiter.

This can also attract affluent buyers, creating a competitive market for luxury homes.

Additionally, the reputation and amenities of these upscale neighborhoods contribute to increased desirability throughout Jupiter. The presence of renowned country clubs, waterfront access, and exclusive community features in areas like Ritz Carlton and Jonathan’s Landing further solidify the allure of Jupiter’s real estate offerings.

As a result, these neighborhoods have a substantial impact on driving up property values across the entire local market.

So, these neighborhoods in Jupiter FL are definitely some of the most luxurious and exclusive. With their stunning homes and top-notch amenities, they attract those seeking a high-end lifestyle.

The real estate market in Jupiter is certainly influenced by these upscale neighborhoods, reflecting their desirability. If you’re looking for sophistication and luxury living, these affluent areas are worth checking out!


1. What makes Admirals Cove one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Jupiter, FL?

Admirals Cove is a luxury area with beautiful homes, great amenities, and it’s near fun places like Roger Dean Stadium.

2. Can I find estate agents that know about expensive neighborhoods in Jupiter?

Yes! Estate agents specialize in these areas and can help you use the multiple listing service to find high-end homes.

3. How do I look for houses in pricey areas of Jupiter on my phone?

You can download apps from the App Store or Google Play that connect to Internet Data Exchange (IDX) for real-time listings.

4. Is there any copyright issue when sharing listings from expensive neighborhoods online?

Sharing home photos without permission might break U.S Copyright Law under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).

5. Are there family restaurants or eateries near these luxury neighborhoods in Jupiter, FL?

Sure! Many expensive areas are close to family restaurants and ale houses where you can enjoy a meal out.

6. What sort of credit do I need if I’m interested in a mortgage for a home in an upscale part of Jupiter?

Great credit helps when talking to mortgage brokers or going through loan underwriters for buying homes in places like Boca Raton or Coconut Creek.